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  • What Might Happen If You Share It

    I grew up in the Winamp days. Napster, Limewire, cracks & warez, remember? Winamp was always open. And alongside my playlist of illicitly-downloaded mp3s would always be MilkDrop. If you don’t know, MilkDrop is absolute zenith of audio visualization software, and it spawned my love of generative visualizations. I’ve never got my head around all the maths involved. I’ve dabbled with shaders, but it still boggles my mind. Nevertheless, I would spend my evenings playing with the HTML Canvas and WebAudio APIs, exploring and building things just for fun.
  • But What About the Bus Factor?

    The term “bus factor” refers to the number of project maintainers who, if hit by a bus and incapacitated, would cause that project to stall. You can replace the bus crash with any other form of physical or mental incapacitation or even changes in life circumstances or priorities. The lower the bus factor, the greater the risk that a project might suddenly become unsustainable. Credit: Romain Chollet via Unsplash This is a topic close to my heart.
  • A Tale of Two Issues

    Zoid is a JavaScript library for simple arithmetic operations. The project has been around for a few years and has a sole maintainer, who works on it in her free time. Photo by Oliver Thomas Klein on Unsplash Here are a couple of issues picked out of the issue tracker - one from a couple of years ago and one very recent, presented without comment. Issue #37 - clicking button does not add 1 hecter88 commented on Jul 13, 2015 Hey.