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  • angular-wordpress-seed: A complete example project with AngularJS and the WordPress JSON REST API

    Last September I wrote a post detailing how I went about re-building this website with AngularJS backed by WordPress. That write-up was a high-level discussion on my choice of tools, design decisions, and lessons learned, rather than specific implementation details. The article proved to be one of the more popular I’ve written so far, and I’ve since received many requests to make the source code publicly available. In response to this interest, I decided to put together a bare-bones version of the code that is running this blog: angular-wordpress-seed.
  • Experiences Building a Website with AngularJS + WP-API (WordPress API)

    I’ve just completed and launched a complete re-write of this website. Since the first iteration (started around nine months ago) and this new one, I’ve learned a lot about the fundamental technologies of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript; about AngularJS in particular; and about things like build systems and application architecture. Therefore I wanted to share a few thoughts and experiences I had building this site. This is Not a Tutorial Attempting a tutorial on such a general topic would require a whole series of specialised posts.