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  • Auto-breadcrumbs with angular-ui-router

    For those that don’t know, angular-ui-routerĀ is a router for AngularJS that replaces the one that comes built-in, and adds a whole lot of powerful features. I’ve been using it on a project I’m working on and I’ve found the ability to nest routes to be really powerful and a nice way to organise routes (or states, as they should be more correctly called in the context of ui-router). I needed a way to auto-generate breadcrumbs based on this hierarchy of states, but didn’t find any pre-packaged solution, so I put together my own.
  • Simple 1D Noise in JavaScript

    I am working on a side project in which I needed to generate some “random”, or more accurately, unpredictable motion. At first I tried using the Math.random() method, and using those values to set the position of my moving element. This, of course, looks terrible because the element will simply jump around to various points, “teleporting” between them. After searching around for a bit (one of those slow search processes where you don’t really know what you are looking for) I figured out I needed some kind of noise function.
  • Using Disqus with AngularJS

    Getting the comments platform Disqus to work with your Angular-based website is probably not going to be as simple as dropping in the default Disqus code snippet into your HTML template. Due to the way Angular loads its templates, it is likely that the Disqus script will not get executed and you won’t see the comments box on your page. I searched on Google to see if there was a documented way to get Disqus to work with Angular, and I came across this project on GitHub.
  • An Overview of the ng-conf 2014 Presentations

    Although I couldn’t be there in person, I just finished watching the entire ng-conf on YouTube. Here is my overview of what I learned and what I enjoyed from the presentations. To give you an idea of my perspective, I’m a relatively new AngularJS developer. I’m getting comfortable with the basics and I’m about to embark on a pretty large-scale Angular project. So my main interests in this conference were learning about building at scale, cementing my understanding of the basics, and gaining a deeper appreciation of how all the magic in Angular actually works.
  • An Ordinal Date Filter for AngularJS

    The AngularJS date filter is used to format a time stamp into a human-readable date string. For this website, I wanted to be able to format the date so that the day of the month included the English ordinal suffix, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. Having worked with PHP’s date() function, I expected there to be a format string for this very thing, but was surprised to see that there isn’t.