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  • AngularConnect: Summary and Analysis

    AngularConnect, the largest Angular conference to date, has just taken place in London. Here is a summary based on what I learned and what I found most interesting. Since it was a two-track event, I only saw half the talks, so for the full picture, watch the sessions yourself on YouTube. Many of you just want a quick rundown on the key points, so the first section of this post is just that - “the meat”, albeit in bite-sized pieces (think pork scratchings or jerky).
  • angular-wordpress-seed: A complete example project with AngularJS and the WordPress JSON REST API

    Last September I wrote a post detailing how I went about re-building this website with AngularJS backed by WordPress. That write-up was a high-level discussion on my choice of tools, design decisions, and lessons learned, rather than specific implementation details. The article proved to be one of the more popular I’ve written so far, and I’ve since received many requests to make the source code publicly available. In response to this interest, I decided to put together a bare-bones version of the code that is running this blog: angular-wordpress-seed.
  • A Note on Angular Expressions And JavaScript Identifiers

    A variable used in an Angular expression cannot contain a hyphen. This might be obvious to some, but this issue on one of my GitHub repos baffled me for a while, and the solution was really simple and now seems totally obvious to me. I’m making a public note of it so that I may save another frustrated developer a few minutes of hair-pulling. The Problem In brief, I have a directive that takes an id attribute and parses it with the $parse service.
  • Book Review: Responsive Web Design with AngularJS; plus Musings on Technical Writing

    This is a review of the book Responsive Web Design with AngularJS by Sandeep Kumar Patel. Disclosure: I was asked to review this book by the publisher, Packt, and they provided me with a copy of the ebook free of charge. The book can be found for purchase here. Responsive Web Design with AngularJS First Impressions The first thing that struck me about this book is the title.
  • Exploring ES6 Classes In AngularJS 1.x

    In this post I will describe a way of using ES6 classes today in your AngularJS 1.x applications. This is intended more as an exploration than a recommendation of best practice. I’ll go into quite some detail about the reasoning and process behind my solution, but if you’d prefer to fast forward to the finale rather than enjoy the adventure, see the last section where I bring it all together, or go directly to the demo app repo.
  • My Thoughts on ngEurope 2014 and AngularJS 2.0

    I write this from a tiny apartment in Paris, sitting up in bed on a sleepy Friday morning after a crazy couple of days at the ngEurope conference. I would like to share a few thoughts and experiences about what I’ve seen and learned over the past couple of days. This isn’t going to be a purely technical blog post. I also won’t try to be comprehensive in covering all the talks.
  • Writing Multi-Element Directives in AngularJS

    AngularJS 1.2 introduced a new feature for the ngRepeat directive which allows the directive to span multiple elements, as opposed to just the single element that it is attached to. This is done by appending -start and -end to the directive name in your view: <tr ng-repeat-start="item in items"><td>{{ }}</td></tr> <tr ng-repeat-end><td>{{ item.innerLegMeasurement }}</td></tr> The code above will output two table rows for each item in the collection - something that was simply not possible to achieve before.
  • Experiences Building a Website with AngularJS + WP-API (WordPress API)

    I’ve just completed and launched a complete re-write of this website. Since the first iteration (started around nine months ago) and this new one, I’ve learned a lot about the fundamental technologies of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript; about AngularJS in particular; and about things like build systems and application architecture. Therefore I wanted to share a few thoughts and experiences I had building this site. This is Not a Tutorial Attempting a tutorial on such a general topic would require a whole series of specialised posts.
  • Enable Rich Social Sharing in Your AngularJS App

    If you are building a public-facing app in AngularJS, you’ll want your users to be able to share it via social media. Indeed, for certain apps, this may be the most important channel of promotion. By “rich social sharing”, I mean something like this: Rich sharing on Facebook Rich sharing on Twitter As you can see, certain sites allow Facebook, Twitter et al. to fetch more than just the standard page title and image.
  • Paginate (almost) Anything in AngularJS

    The ng-repeat is probably one of the most oft-used of all the core AngularJS directives, and with good reason. It offers amazing flexibility and is probably one of the first things to really “wow” you about the framework. Whenever I’ve used ng-repeat, however, I’ve usually also run in to the need to paginate the items being repeated. It seems like there should be some way to do it that is as simple and intuitive as the ng-repeat directive itself.