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  • An Early Look at SKQW: JavaScript Audio Visualizer

    SKQW (pronounced “skew”) is a native desktop audio visualization application written in TypeScript with Angular 2, and implemented on the Electron framework. It is currently in alpha and a compiled binary only exists for Windows, but I’m hoping that - if there is interest - I can push the project forward and improve stability, features and of course bring full support to Mac OS X and Linux. If you want to check out the project itself, go to the SKQW website.
  • Building a 3D Game with CSS + HTML

    I have recently been exploring some of the lesser-used features of CSS - namely 3D transforms and animations. For a recent talk I gave at a local JavaScript user group, I put together this demo, and in doing so I became really curious about just how far the 3D capabilities of pure CSS could be pushed. In searching around for examples, I came across the work of Keith Clark. In particular, he has put together two absolutely stunning demos of what can be achieved using pure CSS, in the form of a FPS-style 3D world and this shaded X-wing model.
  • CSS + JavaScript 3D Butterfly: A Case Study

    I’ve recently been having lots of fun with CSS 3D transforms and animations. As part of a demo for a talk I am giving at the ViennaJS meetup group this month, I put together a demo that showcases how some fairly sophisticated 3D effects can be achieved with pure CSS, and made interactive with a little JavaScript. _Note: The 3D effect is not currently supported by Internet Explorer.¬†_ CSS 3D Butterfly Demo View The Demo
  • Simple 1D Noise in JavaScript

    I am working on a side project in which I needed to generate some “random”, or more accurately, unpredictable motion. At first I tried using the Math.random() method, and using those values to set the position of my moving element. This, of course, looks terrible because the element will simply jump around to various points, “teleporting” between them. After searching around for a bit (one of those slow search processes where you don’t really know what you are looking for) I figured out I needed some kind of noise function.
  • Audio Visualization with Web Audio, Canvas and the Soundcloud API

    Audio visualization Update 05/02/14 - This demo got featured on Google’s Chrome Experiments website! This has generated a lot more interest (as in hundreds of views per day rather than one or two per week) so hopefully we will see some improvements from the community via the GitHub repo - I’ve already had a first pull request adding some very cool new functionality! Update May 2015 - As of latest versions of Chrome (42+) and recent versions of Firefox, changes in the way cross-origin audio is handled mean this demo may not work.