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  • Mocking Classes with TypeScript

    In unit testing, we often want to create mocks of other parts of our app in order to better isolate the particular component under test, and prevent us from dragging the whole dependency graph into our simple little unit test. Dependency graph of a component we want to test In the example above, we could mock out ListComponent, InboxComponent and MessageService and thereby forego the need to pull in all of the transitive dependencies (dependencies of dependencies).
  • An Early Look at SKQW: JavaScript Audio Visualizer

    SKQW (pronounced “skew”) is a native desktop audio visualization application written in TypeScript with Angular 2, and implemented on the Electron framework. It is currently in alpha and a compiled binary only exists for Windows, but I’m hoping that - if there is interest - I can push the project forward and improve stability, features and of course bring full support to Mac OS X and Linux. If you want to check out the project itself, go to the SKQW website.
  • Components with Custom Templates in Angular 2 (beta.7)

    Want to create a reusable Angular 2 component which can be customized with a user-provided template? I had this use case and could not find any relevant documentation or tutorials, so after a few days digging around the internals on Angular 2, I am sharing the result of my research. This is one way to do this - perhaps there are other, better ways. Feedback is welcome! (TL;DR - working demo on Plunker)